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It the vision of the HBHAS to celebrate Halton's, and Ontario's, Black "Community, Roots & Culture" as a model to like organizations, educators, contributors and historians through Cultural Education, Cultural Enhancement and Cultural Entertainment.

Our programs have been requested from community and business leaders, marginalized youth, historians, genealogists, artists, musicians, cultural authors, the local and regional communities and the public who are interested in equality, justice, cultural education and experience, and social/cultural education reinforcing progressive community and family values.

Knowing one's history and culture is knowing one's self.  This knowledge will give you strength, focus, inspiration, ambition and progress.


HBHAS invites you to take the journey with us!  See what a difference historical/ genealogical and cultural knowledge can make in progressing the next generation.


Sorry, this page is still under development.

Please ... help fund this worthy project with a donation!

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